Save space and money with a flow storage system – without having to invest in new systems.

Interroll offers space-saving, energy-efficient solutions for both the handling of pallets and cartons at Warehouses and Distribution Centers.

Interroll Pallet Flow covers both FIFO (first in - first out) and LIFO (last in - first out) applications, from the buffer section to the picking and shipping section.

For certain warehouse sizes and turnover rates, flow storage solutions are a very cost-effective option in the long term. Thanks to their efficiency and robustness, they ensure long-term availability and greater flexibility for order peaks. Their compact design reduces space requirements by up to 50 per cent compared with conventional racking.

The latest addition to the Interroll family of products and solutions for Pallets is the Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform (MPP).

It is a comprehensive, integrated pallet handling system. It consists of pallet conveyor modules (roller or chain conveyors) and specialty conveyors such as transfers, lifts, and turntables; additionally, a stacker crane system for the loading and unloading of pallets, as well as a transfer car system can be offered. When combined with Interroll’s proven Pallet Flow lanes to create a fully integrated, robust, space- and energy-saving solution for the high-throughput handling of pallets. Interroll also offers an ergonomic Carton Flow solution designed to improve order picking performance. 

Customers that apply the Interroll Dynamic Storage System tell us that they have:

  • up to 50% less space requirements in their warehouses
  • 55% increase performance in distribution centers
  • up to 50% less energy consumption in the area of internal logistics 

Conveyor Solutions For...

  • Receiving
  • Put-away
  • Outbound Processes
  • Buffer
  • Dispatch
  • Order Picking
  • Packing
  • Shipping

Suitable Products for Warehousing & Distribution

  • RollerDrive & MultiControl
  • Rollers
  • Modular Conveyor Platform
  • Pallet Flow
  • Carton Flow
  • Pallet Conveyor
  • Stacker Crane
  • Spiral Lifts

Reference Cases: Solutions Implemented at End-Users

Fast moving goods stored and processed with Pallet Flow and automated Stacker Crane

The solution was installed in 2016 and has been proven in terms of availability and performance. Diligent calculations of the customer requirements has clearly shown higher efficiency of the combined Pallet Flow / Stacker Crane than any radio shuttle system.

Watch Case Study Stacker Crane

The Better Logistics - Next Generation Distribution

Just-in-time deliveries with optimized material handling: Interroll supported WENKO with a complete automated solution for intermediate storage and order picking. 

Wenko's retail customers are following a clear trend: Just-in-time deliveries, preferably in custom quantities with short-notice order placement and correspondingly minimal warehousing.

Watch Case Study Storage & Picking

Logistics and material flow as growth enabler in retail

Mr. Price Group Limited, a leading omni-channel, fashion value-focused retailer in South Africa, is growing fast. The capacity and the volume of this facility is impressive: 60,000 m², 24k pallet places, 250 cartons/min, reaching a sortation capacity of 16k units/h!

Watch best of breed products and solutions under one roof in this huge consolidation project.

Case Study Retail & Omnichannel

Smart automation for less complexity (Alloga AG, CH)

In the pharmaceutical sector, pre-wholesale is an important linking step on a medication’s path from the manufacturer to the customer. As third-party logistics providers, pre-wholesalers must tackle very specific challenges...

Automated Warehouse Logistics (Pharma)

Safety Matters! Interroll Time Plus Separator

Interroll Pallet Flow with the pedal-less Time Plus Separator increases safety for operator and goods and reduces risk of damages. Find out how it works!

Safe Pallet Flow with Time Plus Separator

What happens with Interroll pallet flow installations over time?

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, heavy duty applications. We met with the guys at Gilmer Warehouse (US) that trusted us more than 10 years ago!

Case Study: Pallet Flow for Storage

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