Ocelové dopravníkové válečky série 1200

Driven unit handling conveying, such as transport of cardboards, containers, barrels or tires. Suitable for implementing gravity or push conveyors. The roller is designed for use in a very broad temperature range from −28 to +80 °C. The version with steel bearing housing is designed for use in freezer applications or applications with very high ambient temperature.

The solid steel roller distinguishes itself with distinct longevity and high resilience, thanks to pressed and zinc-plated bearing shells with hardened running grooves.

Die Rohrenden sind abgerundet, dadurch können Fördergüter sehr leicht von der Seite aufgeschoben werden. Axiallasten werden über Kugellager und Dichtung abgetragen.

The shape of the ball bearings used is optimized for use in conveyor rollers so that large bearing deflections are possible.

Steel Conveyor Roller Series 1200 (PDF. 268 KB) Download