Fixed Drive Curve Roller Series 3500KXO

The use of polyamide drive heads results in very quiet running.

The tapered elements made of polypropylene distinguish themselves with a low net weight so that good startup properties can be achieved.

The tapered elements are abrasion-proof, noise-reducing, impact-resistant and excel through a high weather-resistance.

Depending on the requirement, the curve rollers can be supplied with drive heads for PolyVee belts, round belts or chains.

Fixed Drive Curve Roller Series 3500KXO (PDF. 625 KB) Download

Roller curve conveyors: Innovative details make the decisive difference!

The laws of physics cannot be outwitted: From speeds of around 0.8 m/s, the centrifugal force becomes greater than the frictional force, causing the material being conveyed to move outwards in roller curve conveyors. The material being conveyed then exerts a counter force on the tapered elements of the roller in the direction of the inner radius of the curve. If this happens over an extended period of time, there is a risk that the tapered elements on the roller's steel pipe will move. You can find out how our engineers solved this problem here.

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