Polymer Ball Transfer Unit Series 5500

The roller is used for aligning medium-heavy materials, e.g. plates, containers or cardboards with smooth bottom. Furthermore, the roller can be used for pushing, e.g. when transporting steel or wooden plates.

Durch die Verwendung von Kugeln kann das Fördergut in jede Richtung transportiert werden. Auch Kreuzungen und Weichen lassen sich leicht realisieren. Zudem kommen besonders leicht laufende Kugeln zum Einsatz.

For variants with steel balls, a felt seal keeps out dust. Design with main balls made of stainless steel or polymer also show a high corrosion resistance.

Variants with polymer balls are available for transporting goods with sensitive surfaces.

The main ball rotates on support balls which turn on a ball socket. This accomplishes a good support of the material. The ball socket consists of stainless steel in all variants.

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